how top leaders make great decisions

The better the daily decisions the more superior your daily results. Here are six tips of top leaders to make great decisions.

Overprepare then move speedily:

The majority walk into a meeting or deal without the necessary skill or experience. Masters of business are utterly overprepared. They crunch the data, go granular on the subject and make great notes. Then, once armed with intelligence and confidence on the issue, they decide quickly, understanding that too much ruminating causes opportunities to find another beneficiary.

Surround yourself with super smart and practical confidants:

Many of people ask their small circle advisors for their input on a deal and then have the humility to listen to them deeply . But then, they trust their experience as well as their instincts and do what they wish to do. This makes them leaders (never followers).

Exploit bad decisions to make fantastic decisions:

Each adverse choice equips you with the insight to make good ones. A failure is only a failure when seen as a failure. “Fail fast,” is a great idea. By making a ton of decisions you’ll become genius-grade at generating superb ones, developing a sixth-sense on the right move to make.

Scenario-plan the worst-case scenario then hope for the best:

Ask yourself what’s the worst thing that could happen and if you’re cool with it, move ahead and hope for the best. Remember: without risk there is no return.

Inspect the result:

Trust people (if they’ve earned your trust) yet always check the result. “Trust yet verify,” is an old line yet a wise one. So many businesses run into problems because the leader stopped making sure what was supposed to be done (at the highest level) was actually done. Don’t get into the groove of being so busy you no longer follow up and hold people accountable.

Optimize to next-level:

Once you’ve made your decision, keep doing all you can to make things even better. A “NSI Mindset” (Never Stop Improving) is the price of entry for world-class results.

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