Five essential oils to include in your winter care to keep your skin healthy









An essential oil can cure all skin problems in winter. Not only the skin, but these oils also have a special role in keeping the daily work pressure, stress, and mind well. Essential oils also help in removing skin blemishes, acne, scars, sunburn etc. So rely on these special oils to protect the skin from the dry winter weather.

What oil should be massaged to keep skin healthy and avoid dryness in winter?

1) Rose and Geranium Oil

The combination of these oils is special to retain the moisture of the skin. A rose and geranium oil massage on sleepy winter mornings can give you a refreshing morning. The skin is already dry in winter. This dryness can sometimes be due to lack of water in the body. In addition to oil, it is necessary to keep in mind the amount of water consumption.

2) Sandalwood and Vanilla oil

Sandalwood and vanilla oil have a role to play in skin as well as mind care. Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, this oil penetrates deep into the skin to heal wounds. This oil is very beneficial for those whose skin is extra dry.

3) Groundnut oil

There is nothing new to say about peanut oil. Many people know about the properties of this oil. Almond oil is especially beneficial for nourishing both skin and hair. Almonds also help reduce sunburned skin and oily skin.

4) Pepper  and Cinnamon oil

Free radicals in the air destroy the skin’s luster before aging. So if you want to keep your skin youthful, start using oil mixed with pepper and cinnamon before winter.

5) Ginger and Bergamot oil 

Many people’s skin becomes full of unwanted blemishes due to aging or physical reasons. Without make-up, there is no way to cover blemishes. But this oil can help to lighten these spots. Apart from this, ginger and bergamot oil eliminate a lot of the pain that occurs in the muscles of the body due to gym or exercise.